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Office Branding

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How to Reflect your Brand in your Office Fitout

When starting the design on your office fitout, be aware that your Company Branding is the first impression on your prospective clients and will be set in stone the moment they step foot on your premises.

For example if you are a design or advertising company your fitout should reflect innovation and creativity, if you are an accounting firm then your fitout should reflect professionalism and success.

1. Be Creative and consistant with your Branding

 When initially talking with your office fitout designer/Project Manager make sure you are comfortable with how they perceive your companies standing and vision for now and the future. Make sure they have a budget to work with, give them a $ amount you are happy to spend, and see what they come up with, you can always go up or down to acheive the look you want.

 Also try to include your company memorabilia into the fitout by using digital prints on walls, glass etc to enhance your branding.

2. Clean and Tidy Office

Whenaranging your fitout make sure the project manager/designer incorporates plenty of of storage so that you don't end up with an untidy or messy office. A messy office will translate your brand into a feel of unorganised and messy feel with your staff.

When choosing open plan workstations look at clean and sleek office furniture to enhance the impression of organisation, this will help staff to keep a clean and tidy office environment as well.

3. Office Design & Layout

In this day of environmental friendliness try to incorporate as much 'Green' as you can, examples; new commercial carpet made from plastic bottles - use recycled fabrics on your screen system - incorporate segregated waste containers - LED lighting - latest technology printers & computers - chairs and desk systems that are 100% recyclable.

This will all help with your Branding, showing your prospective clients that you are fully aware and up to date with the latest will enhance their opinion of your brand and your companies ability to look after their requirements.

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