Bad Chair Syndrome

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How to avoid that "bad Chair"

In 2013 there is enough awareness (I hope) that you 'get what you pay for'. For those that have not learnd this lesson yet here are some tips;

* You go out and have a 3 course meal in an average cafe restuarent with drinks it's going to cost you $100, thats a one off event costing $100.

* You go looking for a chair that you hope to be spending a lot of time on comfortably and you're looking at a $50 - $100 chair???!!!! Think about it, a chair that can retail for this price will be imported from 'you know where' for about $25 max landed cost! What does that tell you? Your meal coat more than that!

* 6 months down the track you'll be paying for a physio and a new chair! We are always getting people in looking at chairs after their cheap chair has fallen apart or caused them problems...bad back, sore neck, wrist problems, leg problems and the list goes on.

* Do yourself a favour and talk to someone that knows about chairs and can help you choose one that will actually fit your body (we are all different shapes), someone that is not just there to take your money.