Choosing a chair

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Choosing the correct office chair is as easy as these 5 steps.

* Height Adjustable - An office chair should have enough adjustment to allow you to sit in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the floor or footrest. Your kness should be at a 90 degree angle for best posture.

* Chair Back - The back of the chair should have adequate lumbar and height to fit comfortably into the curve of your back and support your shoulders while keeping you in a upright ergonomic position.

* Seat - The seat should have adequate support for your hips and buttocks and the seat length should be back from your knees by at least 100mm. The padding must be sufficent so you should not be able to feel the seat support of the chair, some foams mould to your body and some are 'moulded foam' as standard.

* Armrest - the armrests should have height adjustmant so that your arms are supported naturally when you are working. Armrests are very important if you are working at a desk all day therefore the more adjustment to suit typing and other activities the better.

* Headrest - If your chair has a headrest it must be supportive when you are sitting in the correct ergonomic position. Normally headrests are better used when using the phone a lot in the reclined position.

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