Choosing a desk

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How To Choose an Office desk

There are a few things to consider when choosing an office desk;

  1. If you are mostly computer orientated and only a little paperwork you won't require a huge desk, your desk should be around 750 - 900 deep so that your screen is within easy eyesite and there's room for your keyboard.
  2. If you have a lot of paperwork and computer use it's best to use a corner workstation that allows for the extra room and easy access to your work
  3. It's also important to make sure the desk height is correct, from a minmum 725 - 760 is recommended depending on your height. 
  4. Your leg room must have the clearance required to help you sit ergonomically to stop back and leg pain by sitting in the incorrect position, your feet must either sit flat on the floor or on an adjustable footrest.
  5. If you have an injury or permanent health issue with your back or legs it may be better to get a height adjustable desk to allow you to spend your day alternatively sitting and standing.
  6. Colours are important for making a great working area, some colours are depressing and some are uplifting
  7. If you are using screens around your desk then try to get fabrics that are bright and help you be productive so that you can enjoy your day at the office.
  8. When choosing your desk, endeavour to make sure you have adequate storage around you at the correct levels, this will enable you to access you work easily without wasting valueble time.
  9. Different duties require different types of desks e.g. reception, hot desking, accounts, training, boardroom etc. get the right advice from a qualified furniture person prior to making your decision.