ZenT Z1 Desk Screens

T16 desk workstation screenT16 desk workstation screenT881 desk workstation screenZ1 desk workstation screenBridge with Z1 desk screensAct1 desk workstation screenAct1 desk workstation screenAct1 open plan desk workstation screen
T16 desk workstation screen
T16 desk workstation screen
T16 desk workstation screen
T881 desk workstation screen
Z1 desk workstation screen
Bridge with Z1 desk screens
Act1 desk workstation screen
Act1 desk workstation screen
Act1 open plan desk workstation screen

Our Z1 Screen System is exclusive to AOI and is available ex stock for smaller projects and custom manufactured for projects with longer lead times. The screens are pin friendly with a commercial fabric wrapped around a solid frame for strength and continuity.

The Z1 system can be used with any of our desk & workstation systems and retro fitted to any free standing office desk. Call us on 08 6311 8618 to make an appointment for us to design your next project.

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Z1 Screens are available in 2 sizes ex stock – 750L x 350H (green or blue) & 1500L x 350H (blue)

Z1 Track is metal and 25mm wide – screen clamps are included and clip into the track.

Options available are whiteboards, polycarbonate and planters. For projects with longer lead times we can custom manufacture different sizes and colours etc.



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